“We are Africans, we want to be represented too” words of Xavier after the first meeting of the crew on one ordinary Thursday, 5 th of November, 2015 at the Hollywood hostel in Yaba College of Technology. The crew which consist Michael Aghado, Opeyemi, Chinaza Okpara, John Taiwo, Xavier Kanu and George Samuel met over and over again modifying and re-modifying ideas on how to make this dream come to life. Though they were students at that time, they were able to identify three interests in which FlypadCorp will focus on, which were – Food, Entertainment and Technology. Unconventional company it set out to be, ideas were mandated to be simple and telling. The company started as a Business Idea Development Company, helping out startups structure their ideas and innovations, providing tools necessary for the establishment of this idea. FlypadCorp then went on developing its ideas, which were Flypad, Bridge Flour Mill, and XavezoneNG (Sluff). The company’s founders in its first two years of existence had managed to work remotely. In 2016, more hands came on deck to help bring the dream to life; they were three of them – Damilola Bello, Oba Abioye, Nicole and Ayomide (Stunt 247). In September 2016, the Potato Flour Idea was pitched as a presentation at the Bridge Programme in Lagos, and it was promised funding. While XavezoneNG which started as a blogging site, is focused on promoting upcoming artistes, who have the drive to pursue this as a career, giving them the platform in which their works can get to its targeted audience. FlypadCorp plan to launch Flypad (a social networking site, first of its kind in Africa) in summer, 2018. Flypad will come with an app which will run on android, windows and IOS devices, and Padder, a real-time messaging app.


“To develop specific, global market competing products for Africans, by Africans to the world” Flypadcorp’s drive is to have a company which will have the interests of Africans at heart, creating innovations with the global specs, these by Africans to the world.


“We exist to improve lives through offering of quality services, also to enhance human development, so as to make our world even more a better place”. FlypadCorp has learnt a lot over the years, understanding the problems bedeviling the continent Africa, which is Food and Security. Our commitment is towards providing as much as possible what can help reduce the deficit in these areas through provision of value targeted services.


We are the not the best, but gives the best

Our passion is strongly attached to quality service delivery, passionate to making dreams come to life.

We exist not for us, but for you

Our top priority is our users, our products consumers. We say Aye! Aye!! Captain to how you want it, you are always right.

At the end, we’re proud still

We are sure that an African mind is filled with wonderful ideas, so we can’t wait to get involve, holla at us, would you? Ok we’re waiting.